When do we play, anyway?

This game will specifically be designed for adults who have lives.  The conceit of the encompassing story is such that every time we play, that adventure will be a self contained “episode”.  There should be no reason for players to be present at each and every game session unlesss they want to.  Unless special circumstances occur that are agreed upon by all involved, there will never be a session that will end on a cliffhanger that requires everyone involved to be present the next time for the resolution.  You can just drop in and drop out when you want to play and that’s great.

Having said that, how do we perform the actual logistics of getting together?  Well, at first we will use a combination of Facebook posts, emails and text messages.  I’d like to transition over to something like When Is Good though.  It’s a free and easy to use scheduling tool.  Browser based and not flash, so you should be able to use it on almost anything you’re reading this on.

If I can figure it out and we have enough people interested, I’ll try to get a forum thing going on this blog so we can all have a central place to chat about scheduling and other things.

I will be up for playing any time we can get a group of two or more people together.  I’ll likely put a cap on six players per session though, so if we have more than that wanting to play during a given period, we will figure something out.  Maybe the rest can get together and play some board games, or something.

More specifically, I will likely keep my current work and school schedule pretty much the same for the foreseeable future.  This means that I will be most likely to play Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons into evenings.  Along with that, I need to talk a bit about what I expect for a session length…

Having each session be a self contained thing, I would want to play for a good chunk of time.  I would expect people to be able to play for AT LEAST four hours and more likely six to eight.  That may sound like a long time if you’ve never played a game like this, but it’s really not.  I’ve played many ten hour sessions that felt like a couple hours had passed when we were done.  We will need this time to get through an episode in one session.  The exact time for each session will be determined before we play either via texts etc or on Whenisgood.  There will be no surprises on the day of play.  Again, we are adults and we have lives.  I hope to provide a structure for this game that allows both real life and play time to coincide smoothly.

As a final bit of info, I’m planning on hosting these games at my place.  I live close to downtown on the corner of Olympic and Vermont.  It’s close to the Metro Red and Purple lines as well as other good bus connections.  I can’t speak to parking since I don’t have a car.  If anyone has an idea of hosting at their place or in an affordable rental space, or if you have an idea of a good bar we could take over for that length of time, let me know. I’m always up for other options as well.


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