Trustee Sniv

In a couple of encounters with kobolds on the first level of Stonehell, the adventurers have heard the name of Trustee Sniv.   It seems clear that the creatures take their orders from whoever, or WHATever, it is.

So far, the party has not discovered the true nature of this entity nor how it may factor into the politics of the dungeon…


The adventurers have made their way to Sniv and found him to be a fat, scheming Kobold who has found a particular niche for his tribe within the ever changing power structures of the dungeon.

He has his people do odd jobs for the various factions within Stonehell for nominal fees.  In this way, he has slowly become invaluable to all parties.  What his ultimate goal is remains to be seen. Perhaps it’s simply to live the fullest life a Kobold could hope for?

Note on categories for the blog: Sniv is essentially his own faction, thus is in both factions and NPCs




There are many mysterious things that thrive in the spaces below the surface of the Coin of the World.  Some are familiar to those that inhabit its surface, such as the various humanoid races of dwarves, orcs, goblins, and such… Others are never found but for in the depths. Continue reading

Delve One Part 6: Bars, Bones & Bags

As they approach the left passageway, they see that it’s a closed portcullis and beyond that is a room with dusty skeletons littering the floor… a floor that is stained with blood! The skeletons aren’t walking around, waving rusty swords at them this time though, so it’s a marked improvement over the last room they were in. Sieglinde tests the bars and finds that they are, indeed, made of metal. She also realizes that they are way too heavy for her to lift. Once again, it’s Sophosticles to the rescue with his big manly fighter’s arms. He’s able to ease the gate up in its track, and as it gets to about the half-way point, the door on the opposite side of the room opens! Continue reading


Kobolds are physically like a cross between lizards and small dogs.  In temperament, they have the tenacity of a pack of angry chihuahuas, the slipperiness of a snake, and the scheming, conniving treachery of a pack of rats.

But they’re easily cowed and so are useful to those that can command them, so long as that person understands that there is always a plot and scheme and trap waiting for them behind their back. Continue reading

Delve One Part 5: Dry Bones & Dry Bowls

Somewhere along the escape route of Foxfire and Gargamel, the two run into a couple of new adventurers seeking their fortunes in Stonehell. They told them where to meet up with Milo and Sieglinde, and so Arya, the halfling monk, and Sophosticles, the half elf fighter, joined the party at the edge of the well shaft leading into the second level.

Milo, recollecting old stories he’s both heard and sung about, thinks it may be a bad idea to head straight into the second level at this time. He’s heard a lot of delvers into the deeps say that things get tougher the further down you go. The rest of the party agrees with this and also wants to try to fill in some of their map, so they stay on level one to see what they can see. Continue reading

First Escape Attempts & Mulligans

The players controlling both Foxfire the rogue and Gargamel the wizard were not able to make it to our second session, so we had to roll on the Escaping the Dungeon chart. This would be the first test of the system. They had a fairly accurate map and weren’t too far away from the entrance to the complex, so I gave them a 75% chance of escaping without having to roll on the Failed Escapes table. Aaaaaand… They both failed. Continue reading