Delve One Part 4: Dead Ends & Descents

The party reaches the end of the long passageway as it enters into a chamber that’s seen much better days. The carvings that have adorned the walls of other chambers are evident here, but most of them have cracked and fallen from the walls and ceiling forming a large pile of hazardous rubble on the floor. Crawling around the rubble are a few giant centipedes, clacking their mandibles and looking generally menacing.

imageThe adventurers advance into the room and quickly take down the creepy-crawlies with a few well placed hand axe hacks (from, surprisingly enough, the wizard) and short sword swipes. Picking their way over the rubble, they exit through the opposite the way they came in, ignoring, for now, the other one to their left.

Just past this room is a side alcove with a particularly strange statue of a bipedal lizard with four arms standing amidst some stone rubble from the cracked and broken ceiling above. In two of its outstretched arms it holds a bowl. Inside the bowl is a pile of silver coins, in a posture that is either offering or imploring.

Investigating this seeming incongruity, they discover that the two arms holding the bowl seem to have floating seams where they connect to the torso. The arms don’t want to go down, but they seem like they are almost spring loaded to go up. Someone tosses a silver piece into the bowl, but nothing happens. The group thinks that this is likely a trap of some kind, so they decide they don’t really care about some pocket change and leave the statue to its silent vigil after retrieving the pocket change they tossed into the bowl…

Pressing on, they find themselves in what appears to be a round, dead end room with a cistern in the middle. The walls of this room look like they’ve gone through the same patchwork that the kobolds earlier were doing. The floor of the well is covered in gravel and the walls of the cistern are covered with splashed water, very recently spilled. Testing the water, they find that it’s cool and clean. Testing it further, they throw in a gold coin that drops to the bottom of the shallow water to rest on the bottom. Sensing nothing out of the ordinary, they retrieve the coin, disappointed that this isn’t the “wishing well” they hoped to find, they go back the way they came to try the other exit out of the collapsed chamber.

Soon, they turn left into a naturally carved chamber, one filled with an amazing sight. The walls and ceiling are covered in a beautiful, faintly glowing moss. The glow isn’t enough to see by, but they can definitely see the moss as it paints a three dimensional image of the stalactites and stalagmites it clings to in the darkness. Some members of the party take a moment to collect some of the moss, thinking it may be valuable later. As the other members wait for this activity to be finished, they hear a faint whistling, as of a passage filled with moving air.

Following the sound, they find a well in the middle of the next room and, looking down into it, they see only darkness and hear the whistling of the wind coming up through it into their chamber. Someone thinks to toss a bit of the glowing moss into the shaft. With the wind coming up from below, it takes a while for it to fall, but finally it seems to come to rest. By appearances, it’s about sixty or so feet down. After a brief discussion, they decide to attach two of their 50 foot ropes together, split the party, and have Foxfire rappel down to see what she can see.

imageAs she descends and sees the moss coming closer, she starts to be able to make out the features of a room. It’s smallish and oval. Stretched over most of it, secured by rusted pitons at points along the walls, is a molded oilskin tarp. The moss and a small collection of coins are held by this tarp as if small fish in a net. Continuing downward, her weight pulls the tarp from two of the secure points and the tiny treasure pools at her feet. Foxfire can feel a slight breeze from both of the two exits from the room on the long sides but can sense nothing else.

Realizing she is alone on the second level of the dungeon, with little idea of where to go, she looks up at her new found friends above, peering down at her expectantly. She straightens her shoulders, thinks of the task she’s taken on, and nods her head…

Thus ends the fourth and final part of the first delve into Stonehell.


At this point, the players have agreed to all come back in one week, so they can effectively “push pause” on the game and take up exactly where they left off this time.  Had they not agreed to that, they would have had to have made their way out of the dungeon according to the Extraction Rules as detailed in this post.

Now, anyone that doesn’t make it to the next game is subject to that table, so we’ll see how well it serves as a motivator to get together to play!


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