Orcs are well known to all civilized creatures of The Coin of the World as ravaging, scavenging marauders one would do best to avoid.  There are, however, some holdouts and clans that are more sophisticated than others.  Some even have complex societies that approach the civility of other Free Peoples on the surface. One can never be quite sure which type one is encountering upon meeting a group of orcs, so caution is generally the best bet.

imageDuring the first delve, the party heard a small patrol of orcs approaching their location in a storage room.  With no one to understand or speak their tongue, they thought that hiding would be the best option at this time.  The orcs took no notice of the party and passed them by.

It remains to be seen how these creatures fit into the ecology of the dungeon at this time.


So far, the orcs that have been encountered are members of the thuggish Open Sore Clan. They are at war with the Wolf Gang goblins.


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