Kobolds are physically like a cross between lizards and small dogs.  In temperament, they have the tenacity of a pack of angry chihuahuas, the slipperiness of a snake, and the scheming, conniving treachery of a pack of rats.

But they’re easily cowed and so are useful to those that can command them, so long as that person understands that there is always a plot and scheme and trap waiting for them behind their back.

imageThe adventurers have had limited interaction with the kobolds of Stonehell so far.  It’s difficult for them to understand how they fit into the ecology of this dungeon.  They’ve encountered them in one room, doing what seems to be repair work on the walls though they’ve seen what seems to be their handiwork in other places.

The creatures seemed hesitant and skittish at first, but once an air of authority was displayed, as well as a familiarity with the dungeon by knowing Rocky, they seemed fine to just let the PCs do as they will.

Time will tell what role they ultimately play in this environment…

UPDATE: The party encountered some more kobolds in the natural caverns labeled by their sign as “da dragon’s den”.  They were collecting bat guano on the orders of Trustee Sniv.  They were very careful to not be too loud and beat a hasty retreat when the adventurers kept talking, thinking that they had answered their questions well enough to leave.


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