There are many mysterious things that thrive in the spaces below the surface of the Coin of the World.  Some are familiar to those that inhabit its surface, such as the various humanoid races of dwarves, orcs, goblins, and such… Others are never found but for in the depths.


Glowmoss is one such thing.  A relative of the normal moss that grows in the shade of the forests on the surface, glowmoss differs in one major respect.  Namely: it produces a soft blue glow.  As it covers the surfaces of subterranean spaces, it produces a light that is too dark to see by, but can be seen.  In doing so, a cave covered with the stuff can be sensed without external light as a rough outline.  Objects not covered in the moss can not be seen except by the black silhouette produced.

Glowmoss can be used in many alchemical and magical processes, and thus can be sold for a good price for quality specimens to those that know how to use it.

A cavern covered in glowmoss was discovered by the adventurers on level one of Stonehell.


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