Many are the ways a creature can die on The Coin.  Most do not mean that your very bones can walk again, serving a master other than the will that animated you during your life.  Such is not the fate for the remains of those subjected to the foul magics that animate skeletons. 

Some skeletons are animated through Necromantic magics, others through the warping of reality through powerful chaotic magics.  Others still are commanded via powerful clerical spells, twisted to serve the Lords of Death.

imageRegardless of their origins, walking skeletons are rarely to be trifled with.  True, they aren’t very fast or strong, and they certainly aren’t smart.  But what they lack of the aspects of the living, they make up for with the tenacity of those for whome time has no more meaning.  Once dedicated to a task, a skeleton will relentlessly pursue its goal -whether to guard or to kill- until the end of time or until it is destroyed.

And there are far, far more of the dead than there are of the living, so they generally just keep coming.  Like roaches, when you see one, you can be assured there are likely many more where that came from.

Our heroes first encountered the walking dead in the fish fountain room on the first level of Stonehell.


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