Trustee Sniv

In a couple of encounters with kobolds on the first level of Stonehell, the adventurers have heard the name of Trustee Sniv.   It seems clear that the creatures take their orders from whoever, or WHATever, it is.

So far, the party has not discovered the true nature of this entity nor how it may factor into the politics of the dungeon…


The adventurers have made their way to Sniv and found him to be a fat, scheming Kobold who has found a particular niche for his tribe within the ever changing power structures of the dungeon.

He has his people do odd jobs for the various factions within Stonehell for nominal fees.  In this way, he has slowly become invaluable to all parties.  What his ultimate goal is remains to be seen. Perhaps it’s simply to live the fullest life a Kobold could hope for?

Note on categories for the blog: Sniv is essentially his own faction, thus is in both factions and NPCs


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