Inventory Tracking? STOP Hammerspace!

Encumbrance. Inventory locations for individual items.
Fine ideas, but who can be bothered? That’s the sort of thing for simulations, not games about knocking orcs over the head and stealing their wine barrels.

Yet, in a tight environment like a megadungeon, filled with pit traps and such that can break your precious and hard won potions, it matters. Likewise, it matters whether or not you can actually haul that pile of treasure the Otyugh was ignoring out of this god forsaken place and back to civilization, or if your pockets get full and you have to leave it all behind!

So… We do need to track this stuff somehow, but it has to be easy and, if possible, fun as well.
I present to you: The Anti-Hammerspace Inventory Tracker

Now, I’d love to say that I came up with this all on my own.
Truth is, I am stealing the idea blatantly from a revised version of Matt Rundle’s original sheet.
I just added in a couple of Asset wheels that I talked about, and it’s ready to go.


Here is a link to the PDF. If you’re playing over Hangouts, please print one out and fill it in. We will be using this from now on. If you play face to face, I’ll have them printed out for you. We will take a bit of time the next time you play for you to fill it out.


There are a possible ten containers. A container is one of the large, three sectioned boxes at the top. Every character can have a number of containers equal to three plus their Strength modifier. Simply block off the extra, leaving numbers 9 & 10 alone.

Then you can fill the remaining containers with all your loot and equipment.
Cross off an entire container for each tier of armor you are wearing. Any of the light armors fills up one tier. Any of the medium: two. And heavy armor takes up a full three containers.

Make sure to label your containers. This can be anything that makes sense. “Sheath” or “large pouch” or “fanny pack” or whatever… Just label them. If you are using a container for an armor tier, label it as such.

I’ve gone through the PHB and set the number of slots for items in the lists. When you are carrying an item, you designate what container it goes in and you write it down in the container, using as many slots as required. You can’t split an item between containers.

If you want to be awesome, instead of merely adequate, you should draw a little picture of your item in the container. Make sure to label it also, lest you forget what your beautifully rendered thingamabob is actually supposed to be.
If you put anything in container #9, you are encumbered. If you place anything in container #10, you are heavily encumbered.

Many items are minuscule, like a dice set or a flute or your X-Ray monocle. Some items, like gloves, robes, and hats, are worn but not part of armor and can’t be considered to be in a container. These are written down in a box that is appropriately labeled as “Miniscule / Worn Items”. Just make sure to jot down what container (number or label) they are actually in, if appropriate. That way, when you say, in the middle of battle, “I pull out my magic whistle of demon dog command!” I can ask you where it is and then tell you how long it’ll actually take to get it, instead of you making shit up and saying it was on a lanyard around your neck this whole time. I’m on to you…

So, there you go. That’s the Anti-Hammerspace inventory tracking system.
We will be starting this the next time we play.

I will draw up an example of one filled out (though you can see examples of the other versions at the links to the originals) soon. I will edit this post when I do, so please check back.


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