The Ghost Beggars

The Ghost Beggars are a band of burly briggands bastioned in a burrow ‘bove the box canyon housing Stonehell dungeon…

They seem to be comprised of two groups. The tougher looking guys with good armor and weapons always wear yellow and black checkerboard cloth on their heads, like pirates.  The rest of the crew is made from what must be newer and less well seasoned recruits carrying shitty, but still sharp, weapons and piecemeal armor little better than what a goblin would have on.

The adventurers had a run-in with them after sneaking into their base up the side of the canyon.  However, some quick thinking tricked the bandits into a truce to fight and illusion of the bear, Coal that seemed to be attacking their horses.

From that point, the Ghost Beggars have said they will not attack the adventurers on sight, so long as they have the password – hammer down.  Also, the gift of Goodberries from the Druid, Bodkin Van Horn seemed to have gone over quite well with those he gave them to.

There was a leader mentioned, but the adventurers haven’t seen who this person might be yet.


The leader of the Ghost Beggars sent for the adventurers and revealed himself as Zorel Gnast, a grizzled pirate that wants to quit The Life, but is out here one last time to find his sister, Esmalia.  She ran off with a pack of wererats and is hiding somewhere in Stonehell.  He wants the adventurers to find her, then he’ll go deal with the leaders of the pack.

In the meantime, he’s promised to have his bandits try to lay low and stop targeting teh caravans and travelers on the roads nearby.


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