Environs of Stonehell & the Keep on the Borderlands

The Keep on the Borderlands was once the last bastion of the Potentate’s vast empire against the savage hinterlands. It was also the main supply depot and barracks for those whose fate it was to watch over the prison that was to become known as Stonehell. Now, it still serves as a token guard post for the kingdom that followed after the potentate’s rule. But its main service these days is as a base of operations for  the many adventurers that come in search of treasure and glory in the dungeon’s depths.

The dungeon is located in a box canyon not far from the keep. The path leading there winds below a wooded hill and past a fetid swamp formed by a lowered portion of the river meandering nearby. A wall across the canyon used to act as a barrier to those that might escape the prison. Now its rusted and broken gates serve as mere set dressing and a place for adventurers and others to scrawl messages, true or otherwise, to those who would come after them. The two gaping holes in the wall to either side of the main gate would allow anything to get in or out, despite the wall’s still imposing image.


The adventurers have found the hideout of a brigand group calling themselves the Ghost Beggars on a winding switchback path on the side of the canyon. When they made an uneasy truce with the bandits, they were told of a destroyed wizard tower on the top of the hill. Exploring this ruin, they found an entrance to an abandoned cellar, though they didn’t explore it fully.

There are no doubt many more locations waiting to be found, mapped and explored in the environs around Stonehell and the Keep on the Borderlands…
It’s simply a matter of a group of hardy adventurers who are up to the challenge!


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