Open Sore Clan

Open Sore Clan is the name the orcs of the first level of Stonehell call themselves. According to Snorri, they have only recently made excursions away from their traditional redoubts in the southern part of the level. He told Sieglinde that they had an uneasy truce with a goblin clan living in the same area, but that seems to have been jettisoned in favor of a violent land grab. It would seem they are intent on guarding their territory jealously and charging tolls and protection money from anyone wishing to pass through or make use of areas they see as being in their control.

In a particularly violent confrontation, the adventurers killed one of their stronger members while trying to get past a magical lightning trap and into the Open Sore’s new territory.  They were then confronted by an overwhelming force who shook them down for their gold, but let them live in recognition of their obvious skill in fighting.


The Open Sores are a group of orcs lead by Durgat, a female warlord. She’s got delusions of being a “war band” but they’re really just a bunch of thugs trying to shake down those that would pass through their territory.

They decided to wipe out the Wolf Clan goblins but keep a few of them alive to hunt for sport in the tunnels.

The Open Sores have moved north now that “da dragon” is gone and not hunting the passages. They’ve taken over Snorri’s old room and barricaded the hallway to the iron golem. The hallway to the golem is coated in Orc blood and viscera.


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