Moons, Moons, Shining Bright…

One of the biggest mysteries of the Coin of the World is in plain sight almost every day. The moons remain ever enigmatic. Nobody is even sure how many there are. The two common theories are that there are either ten separate moons that make sporadic appearances… Or there is simply one that shows ten different faces and can be in different places in the sky at the same time. We can place our knowledge of the moons into three main categories: 1) Facts 2) Rumors 3) Speculation


The moons represent ten domains of existence and each has its sibling: Nature & Magic, Tempest & Discipline, Knowledge & Trickery, Death & Life, Light & Dark. In any pair of aspects, neither is necessarily the opposite of the other, nor are they always completely complementary, though they are inextricably tied together.

Whenever a given aspect of the moons is seen in the sky, the powers of that domain are stronger and those of its sibling weaker. There is a direct correlation with the apparent physical manifestation (size, light given off, what phase it’s in) to how much influence that domain has in the area.

Worship of the ten domains is popular on the faces of the Coin. There is little conflict between those that devote themselves to different domains as they are all seen as working in tandem towards harmony. Those that seek dominance are pitied or shunned as having lost their way and are considered to be, in truth, doing the work of the powers of Chaos, or perhaps under the sway of a powerful demon or devil from another plane of existence.

Each aspect of the moons can show up in the sky at any time, though there has never been a reported sighting of two aspects visible in the same place simultaneously. There seems to be no discernible orbital pattern to any of the aspects of the moons, nor does there seem to be any reason as to how large it appears or how long it takes to traverse the skies. The phases of the moons don’t seem to have any connection to the Sun and its position in the sky.

There are areas on the faces of the Coin that are particularly connected to the domains represented by the moons. While it is not unheard of for other aspects of the moons to show themselves in these areas, it is extremely rare.


image.jpegSome say that the further one goes into an area under the influence of an aspect of the moons, eventually you will end up on the surface of the moon itself, looking back down on the face of the Coin.

Some say that they have seen avatars of the aspects of the moons. These beings are said to be unbelievably powerful and all the tales told of them paints them as indifferent, at best, to those that have witnessed their manifestations.


Perhaps the gods did exist and the moons are a way for them to keep an eye on the creatures inhabiting their Coin.

Perhaps the moons don’t exist at all, but are simply hallucinations in our minds while under the influence of powerful domains of existence so that our puny minds can comprehend them.

Perhaps they exist, but in a different plane and we only see their shadow as it is cast onto our world.

Perhaps they are themselves gods, all powerful and sleeping… Waiting until they awaken to devour us all…


3 thoughts on “Moons, Moons, Shining Bright…

  1. Perhaps something related to the moons drives Bodkin’s quest? My thought is that another druid, or a council of druids has predicted some sort of alignment of the moons when more than one would be visible. No one knows what this means, and Bodkin is perhaps seeking a way to verify this. Maybe he’s at Stonehell to find an ancient druidic text that reputedly mentions something about a lunar alignment. If indeed this is Bodkin’s quest, it would seem likely that all the druids who attended the last meeting of druids would in some way be trying to learn more about this prophecy. Perhaps there are right now druids searching for clues all over the Coin…

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    • Despite it being underground, Stonehell (and environs) definitely holds secrets about the moons. And there’s an amazing way for him to find them, so long as he figures it out…

      This sounds like a great quest for Bodkin to undertake, and one that will help flesh out the world. I love it!

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  2. This has allowed me to figure out some important stuff about how the world physically works. It’s been really vexing me, till now. In figuring out how Bodkin’s quest ties into the dungeon and the rest of the world, I’ve figured it out better than I would have without his involvement.

    So, even better!

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