Things to do in Stonehell when you’re Alive

There’s a lot going on in Stonehell.  It’s kind of hard to keep track of it all.  So much may be happening at once, one may be tricked into thinking there’s nothing to do. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here’s a roundup of leads and rumors gathered from the common room at the keep when everyone was liquored up.


Ringing bells in the dungeon can have unforeseen results.

A bottomless chasm exists in the dungeon


In memory of those who met their fate in the halls of Stonehell. A list of over a hundred names is written beneath this message.

The little, scaly bastards can‘t be trusted. They turned on us, killed Sydel, and stole all our gold! Kill  ’em on sight!

Be careful in the lowest depths of Stonehell. The rooms there change from time to time and what once was no longer stands.

Venture down past the living caves if it‘s gold ye seek. Nuggets the size of apples lie there for the taking

The dead are not quiet in Stonehell. I saw Rhaulk beckoning me down a passageway the night after he was killed. I dared not follow him then, but I‘ve returned to rescue his shade from Stonehell‘s grasp.

Look for the cave with the well. It will grant your greatest wish if you throw in enough gold


Snorri Broadshoulders is offering 100 GP for each well made rubbing of dwarven carvings in the dungeon.

Apparently, the leader of the Ghost Beggars would like to talk to us at their hideout when we can find the time to stoop so low as to talk to a bunch of bandits.

What’s with the soot silhouettes in that one room…?

There’s the whole thing about the sign saying “Da dragon’s den”…

Wrapped up dead bodies with a note saying, “deliver to the gentlemen”. That’s… Weird…

These fuckin’ orcs, right? What’s their fuckin’ problem, anyway?

Seems a lot of artwork and religious stuff has been tainted by chaotic influence around here. Wonder what we can do about that.

And what’s Snorri and Rocky talking about with the goblins? They ain’t in charge. Haven’t even seen a goblin here.

There’s a big bear on the surface that seems to be a hit with the guys drinking at the keep for some reason.

Oh, and that steaming pool? In the canyon? I’unno.

There’s a lot of caves in that canyon, by the way. Ain’t e’en looked at ’em.

Take a look at all these unopened doors inside the main dungeon. On this map here. Right next to the entrance, even.

Rocky mentioned his first memory was of some sort of guy with a pointy hat and tubes and stuff coming out of his neck and head… Haven’t seen anything like that yet, that’s for sure.

And the whole “giant gatehouse wall we never bothered to look at” thing is a thing.

What is all this about some sort of free market Kobold shopping mall somewher in the dungeon?

And what’s with all them kobolds walking around, cleaning shit up and being productive?  That ain’t like them.

And who the hell is Trustee Sniv supposed to be, anyway?

So. Destroyed wizard tower cellar. Probably nothing interesting in there.

Interesting key you got there, Sieglinde. What’s it unlock? dunno, eh? Eh.


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