Bodkin sat in the crook of two branches that spread out from the ancient oak in a fractal pattern that bespoke the ancient and deep magic of this place.  This was his first High Council meeting, and he would have felt honored but for the fact that every druid he knew or had ever heard of had received a similar invitation from one of the numerous avian messengers sent out the Big Thinkers.  Bodkin thought of himself as a small fellow, and was, in fact, quite small in stature, standing but half the height of the numerous brown and green clad humans, with their flowing white beards and kind, knowing eyes.

Bodkin crossed his legs at the ankle and smoothed his tunic over his lap, swinging his legs gently forward and back.  He scratched a small itch on his cheek and peered out over the sea of people in front and below him.  The Speaker had arrived and stood in the center of the green circle in the middle of the glade.  He was about to speak!

A warm voice, clear and deep, but not overly loud enveloped the multitude of druids and the few rangers privileged enough to receive an invitation.  The meaning of the words did not register at first to Bodkin, just the tone and the smile he could feel behind the voice.  Speaker Amaranth belonged to the same order as Bodkin, the Forest Druids, so the gnome felt a special kinship with him.  Like the chirp of a blackbird cutting through the haze of bees buzzing in a meadow, the words became clear.  Something Important was happening!

“…and so it is with great pleasure that I introduce Andorius Skygazer, prophet of the Moons!  Please give him your full attention as he describes the redundant prophecy experienced by all ten of the Moon Prophets.  I know the Moons may not be your circle, but this really affects all of us, whether domain Moon or Land.

Andorius looked the part of a Moon druid.  Pale robes, long, stringy white hair, and shining pale blue eyes.  Those eyes… they could see things beyond the Coin that Bodkin could scarcely imagine.  Andorius put his hand on the gnarled stump at the center of the clearing and hummed a C note before beginning.

“Friends… thank you for coming.  We have foreseen something, a thing which has not happened for aeons.  It is a synergy, an accordance of the moons, an event whence all ten night bodies break alignment and show themselves at once, at the same time in the night’s sky.  We know not when this will happen, nor how it will affect the magics of our Coin.”

As muttering broke out below the branches of the great, spreading oak, Bodkin’s smile dropped off of his face.  What did this mean?  Was it bad?  What could he do?

Andorius spoke again:  “I know what you are all thinking.  What can I do?  There is something you can do.  In the coming days, you will all receive a visit from a messenger letting you know how you can help.  No task, no matter how small, is unimportant.  For now, please return to your homes and wait to be contacted.  Rangers, please wait here while our friends disperse.  The Council has special tasks for you.”

Bodkin waited until most of the big people had left.  It was better not to dodge amongst legs to avoid being trodden upon if that could be avoided.  When the Important people gathered around the stump, Bodkin shimmied down the bole and began making his way deeper into the forest.  In a few days time he would be far beyond anything resembling a path or a house, in the deepest woods where he studied the ways of shy fey creatures and small animals.  As interesting as the council had been, it was good to be headed home.


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