A Moon by Any Other Name

The moons are called by many names among the denizens of The Coin, but few have devoted as much time to the study of these mysterious orbs as the druids of the Circle of the Moons.  The lore of the moons has been passed down and built upon for thousands of years since the days when the druids first separated themselves into separate Circles of knowledge.  Song and chant, poem and tome, all works of druidic scholarship of the moon domain seek to elucidate these luminous bodies and illuminate their effects upon The Coin.

Many names have the Moons, but each is known by just one name to the druids.  The following is the briefest possible outline of the attributes of the moons and their druidic names.  Readers should by no means take these descriptions as anything other than a merest glimpse of the rich depth of study undertaken by the druids.  Each moon is paired with its twin, sometimes taken as opposite, but by the druids, taken as complement.  The format used is Moon Pair name, followed by individual attribute/druidic name.

In no order other than that found in the earliest surviving druidic text mentioning them, here is the list of the names of the Moons:

Drudos (the most important moons to the druids) – Nature/Quarr & Magic/Abdenegus

Adagnitio (often favored by mages and rogues) – Knowledge/Pi & Trickery/Ham

Caltruminox (beloved of warriors) – Tempest/Xosto & Discipline/Kammak

Circumago (honored by clerics) – Death/Lythronax & Life/Maya

Umbrux – Light/Illumnos & Dark/Absentos


3 thoughts on “A Moon by Any Other Name

  1. Awesome.
    This is good stuff. Every time I went to write them out I kind of blanked.

    This aspect (pun) of the world sort of randomly came to me but it’s really shaping up pretty cool.

    I’ve got ideas for adventures away from the dungeon that use the moons as a focal point. This really helps out.!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you like the names. Many of them are either Latin or derived from Latin words related to the aspect of the moon or moon pair. I tried to make some of them sound more Gaelic by modifying the endings. I’m sure Jordan will appreciate them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, they’re good. I’m not into keeping good sounding stuff out of the fiction just because “that culture didn’t exist” or whatever. It’s a pretty hodgepodge sort of world.

      I figure it’s big enough to contain any sort of weird shit we can think up.


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