Delve Three: Thug Life

Another foray into the dungeon is planned! Scott has returned from whatever mysterious Drow thing he had to do and he, Sieglinde and Milo are all ready to go, so they head straight into the maw. Milo had been looking over the map back at the keep, having not joined the last expedition, and was wondering what a particular oval shaped room was in the lower right portion. They head over there with no incident.

As they get to the oval room with the two statues, Sieglinde fills the other two in on her exploits with the orcs in this section, noting that they have constructed crude walls behind the statues so nobody can slip behind them. Casting Detect Magic, Milo sees that the eyes of the statues are enchanted with divination magic and the fingers with evocation. He then throws the bow Scott discarded through the gap between the statues only to see it turned to ash by the two arcs of lightning shooting from the fingers of the statues! Along with this display comes an extremely loud *CRACK*!!! The sound of the electricity trap instantly alerts some orcs in the room beyond.

They come around the corner and spot the party. One begins to crank up a crossbow as the others draw their melee weapons and start forward. A Sleep incantation from Milo drops the one with the crossbow as the others reach the statues. As they approach, dirty rags emerge from pockets and are thrown over the eyes of the statues, then the orcs boldly walk through the statues and engage in combat!

imageSeeing the simple solution, Scott has an opening in the combat to pull the rag off of one of the statues. The finger on that one begins to snap and pop with a massive buildup of static. He fires a quick crossbow bolt at the other thinking to dislodge it. Instead, the bolt actually bites into the stone a bit, securing the rag over the statue’s eyes even further. Another Orc drops, but there are still two fighting. Sieglinde, on the other side of the chamber, manages to reach up and pull the rag from the second statue. At that, the two poles of the lightning trap send powerful arcs straight into the Orc caught between them! His body jerks with the voltage in a macabre dance, then falls to the floor as the lightning continues to char his body.

The final orc, now caught on the other side of the trap from the party, looks horrified at this scene, then runs back down the corridor and around the corner. Scott throws the rags onto the statue’s eyes again and hides behind one while Milo hides behind the other. Sieglinde goes to poke her head around the corner where the orcs ran to. Not being too stealthy about it, she sees a very large and bloodthirsty looking orc (actually an orog, an orc with ogre heritage) emerge from a door with this room. As he draws his greataxe and tests the edge with his thumb, he looks right at her and says, “you have made a mistake today” and grins. Just then a loud clanging gong alarm sounds from another close by room and more orcs rush in.

Seeing the moment is right, Sieglinde runs back as the orcs give chase. She runs past the statues and down the hall. The orcs, lead by the orog leader, are hot on her heels! Just as they are about to come flush with the statues, she gives the signal for Scott and Milo to pull the rags from the statues. The orcs rush through the trap two abreast, and the arcs of electricity form a bright blue-white web between them. One stumbles forward with the momentum of his charge, dead on his feet till he hits the wall where he slumps to the ground, never to move again. The orog, stunned, slams into the corner of the opposite wall but remains on his feet. Another, having received less of a blast than the others, remains standing as well. The remaining foes skid to a stop before being caught in the trap and can only watch as the maces and blades start swinging.

And swing they do! The orog is a killer, through and through, his axe arcs in wide, sweeping circles. One swing brings Milo down! Sieglinde manages to get him on his feet again and the battle continues. They finally take the beast out, as well as the other orc. Seeing this, the ones on the other side of the trap run back around the corner and soon they hear the gong alarm going off again. Deciding, somehow, that staying right where they are is the best thing they could do in this situation, they are soon surrounded on both sides of the corridor by about twenty orcs lead by another orog.

imageHe takes a quick survey of the situation and, seeing the dead orog on the ground, decides to take the route of parley. “You’re good at fighting, I’ll give you that. You’ve earned some respect from me this day. But you’ll have to pay the toll for being in our territory, and you’ll have to pay for the damage you’ve done to my men. If you pay, with interest, you’re free to go for now.”
He then shakes them down for all the coin and jewels they’ve got on them. Scott manages to bullshit his way into not paying, saying that he’s very poor. The orog gives him a look up and down and says he believes it, turning the victory of not having to give him his few coins into an insult.

The party heads back towards the entrance area with the idea they are going to ask Rocky some questions. On the way, they decide to check on a door they’ve never opened before. Inside is a very strong smell of chemicals that Sieglinde recognizes as embalming fluid from her work in temples. There is a stack of bodies in the middle of the room, each humanoid form wrapped in linen. On top of this fleshy cordwood is a note, written in Draconic that says, “Deliver to The Gentlemen.” Not knowing what this means, they chalk it up to another mystery.

As Sieglinde puts a flask of embalming fluid in her pack and finds some coin hidden under a flagstone, Scott starts poking the dead bodies with his sword. Appalled, Milo and Sieglinde ask what he thinks he’s doing. He says he just wanted to make sure they were dead. With sideways glances at the dark elf they decide to leave the room.

Rounding the corner where Rocky “lives”, they see the hallway full of smoke and two zombies enter his room! While three of the undead attack an illusion that Milo casts in the corner and another two focused on Rocky, they dispatch the things easily. However, they notice that without a good, stout killing blow or holy fire to finish them off, the damned things will just keep coming at them.

Rocky thanks them for the help, though he wasn’t really in any danger, since he’s a rock. They ask him some questions about the wishing well and the fish fountain. He says as far as he knows, it’s just a fountain with a fish statue in it. One answer they find interesting is something he says about himself. He says that sometimes he sort of “goes away” for a bit, then comes back, but doesn’t know what it is he’s said. Other times, he just answers stuff as he thinks of it.

Deciding to see what’s around the corner, they find a room with the smell of burning flesh coming from within. Kicking the door in, they see five savage and barbaric looking humans rush towards them, seemingly intent on ripping their throats out and adding them to their hideous meal! They’re made quick work of, however, and the final one is knocked out and tied up in ropes instead of killed. They are talking about how to question him to find out why they are there and why they attacked when suddenly Scott plunges a dagger into the helpless person’s throat.

Again, appalled, Milo and Sieglinde wonder what the hell is this crazy elf’s problem. He makes an argument that they weren’t speaking any language they could understand, so they wouldn’t be able to get any worthwhile information from him. Deciding to keep the Drow in front where they can see him, they all decide to leave the dungeon and head back to the keep.


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