Changing Hurtful Stereotypes & Being Inclusive

After long thought, I have decided to make a small change to level 2A: The Asylum. The main reason is that I do not want to perpetuate the potentially harmful stereotypes that pervade popular media about mental illness.

The thought first crossed my mind when I watched Shut Up & Sit Down’s video review of T.I.M.E. Stories.  I, honestly, had never really thought about the stereotype before as being harmful to those that suffer from any sort of emotional or mental illness. In the interim, various people and things in my own life have lead me to researching this media trope. Continue reading


Delve Five, Part 3: Shopping!

The main body of the market known as Kobold Korners is a large chamber with a fifty foot ceiling whose top is obscured in smoke and collected soot from decades of cooking fires and cobwebs. The not unpleasant scent of some sort of grilled meat hangs in the air, mixing with the rank, wet dog like smell of unwashed furry creatures and spilled dungeon ale, fermented from all manner of sugars not consisting of grains… There’s also an underlying hint of exotic spices and mysterious spell components that helps create an intoxicating melange that tells the party members that they’ve arrived in a bustling and foreign port, of sorts. Continue reading

Delve Five, Part 2: Painted Passages, First Fights, & Kobold Korners

Traveling down the halls, they pass the audience chamber where the dwarven plans were found scratched into the wall. Inside, some kobolds are seen cleaning the pile of moldy pillow and generally fixing the place up. The party asks where the Korners are. They’re told they’re just to the east, down the hall. They ask if one of them can guide them there. One agrees after he’s thrown a gold piece. So, off they go. Around the next corner, they come to another round room, this one is painted to look like a pleasant meadow with what looks like halfling cottages dotting the hills. They don’t have a lot of time to examine this, however, since there is a large group of orcs surrounding the opposite portcullis, yelling and carrying on! Continue reading

Delve Four, Part 3: Lies, Damn Lies, & Sphinxes

Heading up the hall, since they’re pointed that way, they approach a door that suddenly opens. Goblins and a couple of tough looking wolves now occupy the hallway in front of them. They demand to know what they’re doing here and their spears and the wolves’ fangs give weight to the question. The party explains that they’re here looking for a woman and trying to avoid the orcs at the same time. When asked about the orcs, they tell the goblins that they are very definitely not their friends. In fact, some of the adventurers have been downed by a patrol of orcs, but they had paid them back in spades by killing one of their orog patrol leaders. Continue reading

Delve Four, Part 2: Silent but Deadly

The rickety basket goes ever deeper into the stone and the air gets rather cool. The shaft opens up into a large natural cavern and from the height of the ceiling they see towering clumps of giant mushrooms growing throughout. There’s a slight glow, as if from a lantern wending its way beneath the oversized caps towards the spot where the basket will eventually land. As they bump to a stop, a group of bandits wearing the iconic yellow and black step towards them. “What… What the hell are you doing in our elevator?” They ask, reaching for their weapons. Continue reading