There’s Nothing to Do Here, Let’s Leave

And updated list of stuff going on in and around Stonehell:

  • Johan the gnome is reportedly missing coming back drunk from Kobold Korners one night.
  • There’s the whole Open Sore orcs vs Wolf Gang goblins thing.
  • Zorell Gnast is still looking for his sister, Esmalia. Rumor has it the wererats are on the third level “behind a boulder”
  • There’s all the other caves and stuff that Bodkin scouted by himself in the canyon.
  • Sieglinde found evidence that her mother has been to Stonehell, and she’s likely headed to the casino on level seven.
  • A man was seen sneakily sneaking into the wizard’s cellar up on the plateau.
  • Snorri is still studying dwarf stuff in the dungeon.
  • Sieglinde found a literal skeleton key.
  • Da dragon is dead and Trustee Sniv owes payment. But he might not be too happy about his guards dying while the party was side tracked.
  • What’s with the Sphinx in the pilgrim’s passage?
  • Tawaelle Mandora is buying spell components and alchemical supplies.
  • Exploration!!!

So, yeah, there’s a lot going on in there.  And there’s a lot more yet to be discovered!


The Map: Updated 31 May 2016

Being an Old Skool type game that emphasizes exploration for the purpose of safely extracting both loot and the actual characters, my players have decided to draw a map of their forays into Stonehell.  They are new to this and I have deliberately not given them any advice on how to go about it.  The results are fun to watch.

One thing they’ve taken to is drawing small sections with connecting symbols.  I imagine they are using scraps of parchment or hide and drawing what they can on them.  I’ve take a bit of time to overlay these sections on top of each other so it forms a more cohesive whole. Continue reading

Delve Six, Part 3: The Tough Questions

Scott, Igneel, and Sieglinde get a bit of rest after their triumph over Da Dragon then decide to visit Rocky yet again. The plan is to try to bypass his occasional trances when he doesn’t really know what he’s saying. Their method in this will be to cast the spell, Zone of Truth on him. After Sieglinde casts it, Scott tells Rocky the plan. “Hey, what’s up? We’re all friend here, ain’t we?” he asks. Scott explains they are actually trying to help him to see if they can get to truth without the strange effect their asking can sometimes have on him. He figures this is a good idea, so is on board with it. Continue reading

Delve Six, Part 2: You Could Save a Ton by Killing Da Dragon!

The three remaining adventurers – Sieglinde, Igneel, and Scott – head up to the area marked by the sign as “da dragon”. Sneaking into the natural caverns, they see two orcs, busy at work shoveling bat guano into a pile. From out of the bottom of the pile is a Kobold foot, presumably attached to the rest of a dead Kobold. Scott lets loose a crossbow bolt and charges it with Hail of Thorns, dropping one outright and peppering the other with hundreds of splinters. Sieglinde tries to follow this up with Sacred Flame but the other Orc dodges out of the way. Looking pretty pissed off, he rushes, swinging his mace wildly! Continue reading

Delve Six, Part 1: Prelude to a Conclusion

After a good night’s sleep, Sieglinde awoke ready to take on whatever has come to be known as “da dragon” according to their deal with Trustee Sniv. She heads down into the common area and rounds up those that deem themselves hearty enough for the job. Milo and Phil are there, having a discussion in the corner of the bailey. Joining them are three newcomers to the keep: a wood elf rogue by the the name of Chazzar, a sorcerer of the dragonborn race named Igneel, and a tiefling rogue calling himself Spawn. The two Kobold guards sent by Trustee are camped outside the gates and join the group as they start down the road and into Stonehell Dungeon… Continue reading

Bodkin’s Busy Day

While trying to figure out what to do about the Pilgrim’s Passages, Bodkin went on a bit of a walk around the box canyon that houses the entrance to Stonehell. He had noticed many more doorways and other passages in the walls than the ones they had explored so far and was interested in asking the local birds, voles, and squirrels about them. But first, he approached the great, broken wall that spanned the canyon, and he found he could decipher some more of the graffiti. Continue reading