A Little Bird Told Me…

Bodkin had been collecting the stories brought back from Stonehell and he now had questions needing answers from the Council. He is convinced that the strange, round, painted chambers they found are a version of the Pilgrim’s Passages found in temples across the face of the Coin. But the images of the Sphinx! That is a completely different development and the kind of discovery that only happens a few times in an age.

After the messenger birds returned, they gave him the Council’s answers to his researching questions.


There have only been four Sphinxes documented since the Council’s founding:

In the heart of the desert called the Unresting Fields, Atakheramen, Prudence of Angels stands guard over the secrets of the dead god-emperors that ruled there past memory.

In the Jundarafans, a dark rainforest in a giant bowl set in a vast plain, Scemiophris, Night’s Eloquence, sits atop her ruby ziggurat, ever facing spinward, waiting for someone who can answer her riddles, to what end, nobody can guess as no one has thus far.

Nefer’ra, Stone’s Ambition, prowls the sea caves of the Coast of Eggs, regularly seen by travelers on the cliff roads above, though no record exists of any that have spoken to her.

And, at the Convergence of Athos -where the forces allied with the lunar siblings Drudos and Caltruminox put down an uprising lead by what is believed to be an outsider God known to its mutated followers as The Lonely Footman- the androsphinx, Bocchoris, Sparrow of Repentance, was seen rending hundreds of demons with claw and tooth. As the the dark horde rose like a wave to crash him down, he raised his wings in a blinding, gold-white radiance with a roar that shook the ground. And when sight returned, he and the throng around him for an arrow’s shot were simply gone, never to be seen again.

If the images of a sphinx in these pilgrim’s passages in the prison can lead you to another sighting or, better by far, an actual conversation with a hitherto unknown member of this enigmatic species, you must attempt it! If you are unable yourself for any reason, you should encourage others of the “adventuring type” to make the attempt in your stead and have them report to you on exactly what happens.

This could be one of the most exciting discoveries in dozens of turns. We wish we could be there with you to document it. You must be our eyes and ears there at this time, however.

May the Stream flow within you.
Ever yours, Jan Holbin
Assistant Scribe to the Pinnacle

This needed looking into, post haste.  Bodkin went off to find Sieglinde, who seemed most intent on heading back down.  Perhaps she would be able to help in this matter.


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