Delve Six, Part 1: Prelude to a Conclusion

After a good night’s sleep, Sieglinde awoke ready to take on whatever has come to be known as “da dragon” according to their deal with Trustee Sniv. She heads down into the common area and rounds up those that deem themselves hearty enough for the job. Milo and Phil are there, having a discussion in the corner of the bailey. Joining them are three newcomers to the keep: a wood elf rogue by the the name of Chazzar, a sorcerer of the dragonborn race named Igneel, and a tiefling rogue calling himself Spawn. The two Kobold guards sent by Trustee are camped outside the gates and join the group as they start down the road and into Stonehell Dungeon…

Entering the main foyer, they see a Kobold cleaning crew sweeping up under the stairs. They ask the guards, “uh… what are you guys doing with them? That’s pretty weird” The guards tell them that Trustee sent them to see if they can take out da dragon, which the cleaners seem pretty excited about. “Good luck! Don’t die.” they say, and continue to sweep up the fantasy candy wrappers and stuff that’s littering the place.

The gang decides that a quick chat with Rocky might help them out before they tackle their main objective, so they head north from the staircase room. Coming up onto the “dragon” sign in the intersection, they see some shadowy movement and shuffling sounds coming from the rooms on the right. Ignoring this for now, they keep heading up past the “corpse room”. But there is a tremendous swarm of flies filling the hallway around it and two giant toads having a snack inside the room.

Sieglinde pops a swimmer in her mouth and Thaumaturgies the door closed without a word and keeps walking. Next thing they know, they’re face to face with Rocky. “Hey! What’s up, guys! New faces, eh?” After introductions all around, they hop right into asking some questions. Milo asks, “So, like, what’s with the Sphinx in the mural paintings?”

Rocky says, “Oh, yeah, down there, that’s the Pilgrim’s Passage. Ain’t any of you go to church?” He swivels around and looks at Sieglinde. “You gotta know what that’s all about, right?” She clarifies that they’re wanting to know if they can interact with the Sphinx in the paintings on the path. “Yeah, just… You know… Go on the pilgrimage. That’s how that stuff works.”

They next ask about the “dragon”. Milo says, “How best should we prepare for a confrontation with the dragon?” Rocky gets his spaced out look and starts basically rambling nonsense at them. “Beware, ye, the caves for they are the home of the dragon…” He starts his horrible coughing fit, filling the room with more smoke. “Man. I’m not feeling so well, recently. Sorry guys. COUGH COUGH!!”

They discuss what their last question should be and settle on, “Where are the wererats in the dungeon?” Rocky thinks for a bit and says, “Look beyond the ogre boulders for that which yous are lookin’ for” then snaps out of his revery before he goes into the worst coughing fit yet. When he stops, he says, “I am NOT as young as I used to be! Of course, I don’t actually know how old I am… But this is getting harder and harder every time. I think I gotta retire or somethin’…”

The party discusses this cryptic final answer and thank him before they leave. “Hey! Close the door when you leave this time. Those damned zombies make a freakin’ mess when they get in here.” Sieglinde Thaumaturgies the door closed and the head south to the rooms where they heard some shuffling, hoping to head to the intersection from there.

As they approach the room, Chazzar and Spawn click into stealth mode to scout ahead. They sneak into the room with the sooty silhouettes on the walls. As they look into the next chamber, they see a very strange sight: eight skeletons standing in a circle, all wearing the tattered remains of some sort of uniform including ragged, rusty armor, a sort of cape, circlets on their skulls, and longswords hanging in their bony hands.

The rest of the party gets bored in the very short time the rogues are scouting and decide to simply walk straight into the room behind their hidden companions. “Hey guys, what’s going on?” they say. At the sight and sound of this, the skeletons all turn their empty sockets towards them, raise their weapons, and attack!

The two rogues jump out of hiding and strike hard before the two sides meet in battle. The two kobolds, not really expecting to fight until they got to the dragon, say, “this isn’t what we’re down here for!” before raising their shields. Unfortunately, they soon get cut down in the first moments of the melee! Thinking this is going to hard to explain to Trustee Sniv, but not really having time to dwell on it, Sieglinde starts throwing down holy laser bolts with her Sacred Flame spell as the others get stuck in and begin hammering the dusty bonewalkers.

The party takes some lumps and deals them out as well. Eventually, they start to turn the tide. When there are only two of the skeletons left, Sieglinde decides to try to turn them via the power of her faith. This works great and the remaining skeletons begin to run away down the corridor. In order to completely negate this move, they all start running after them to continue the fight. Catching up to them again at the entrance to the main foyer, they finish them off. Apparently they don’t think about looking at the circlets or capes these undead were wearing and so leave them on the bones to rot or for someone else to pick up later.

As soon as the fight is over, the Drow, Scott, comes down the stairs. Moodily surveying the scene before him. Chazzar, Milo, Phil, and Spawn all decide to head back to the keep to lick their wounds, not wanting to risk taking on whatever lies in “da dragon” den at this time.

But the remaining fellowship of three says fuck that. They gather their strength and head back to the intersection, determined to put an end to it.


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