Delve Six, Part 2: You Could Save a Ton by Killing Da Dragon!

The three remaining adventurers – Sieglinde, Igneel, and Scott – head up to the area marked by the sign as “da dragon”. Sneaking into the natural caverns, they see two orcs, busy at work shoveling bat guano into a pile. From out of the bottom of the pile is a Kobold foot, presumably attached to the rest of a dead Kobold. Scott lets loose a crossbow bolt and charges it with Hail of Thorns, dropping one outright and peppering the other with hundreds of splinters. Sieglinde tries to follow this up with Sacred Flame but the other Orc dodges out of the way. Looking pretty pissed off, he rushes, swinging his mace wildly!

He smashes it straight down onto Igneel’s head and the dragonborn slumps to the floor of the cavern like a sack of onions. Scott drops the crossbow and whips out two daggers, slitting his throat. They settle in to take a rest, but they’re interrupted by a patrol of orcs, lead by an orog. “Having some trouble with your friend, huh? Hope you have enough money for the tolls! Ha!”

Scott snipes back a rambling insult which stops the orog in his tracks. He turns back around and snarls, “what did you just say?” and puts his hand on his axe. As Scott begins another rambling explanation to try to talk his way out of this situation, Sieglinde hands the patrol leader a grip of gold. Without another word, he takes it and leads his men away, leaving them to get back to resting.

After a while, Igneel is feeling good enough to continue. They go through the cavern into the area they haven’t searched through before. The tunnel gets tighter and eventually drops straight down 40 feet into a shallow pool. The pool moves sluggishly from their left to the right, into some cracks in the wall. The cavern beyond continues off to the right. Scott pulls out his grappling hook and they descend into the lower cavern. As they enter the chamber on the right, they see some large lizards, rather like geckos, shuffling around near some broken eggs. Each of the lizards is the size of a large dog and when they see the party they immediately attack!

A couple more come out from further down the chamber to join the fray as the adventurers lay in. A couple of good hits drops one and another screams a horrible screech as it takes damage. The party knows they’re doing some damage now! But they’re not the only ones… From further down the corridor, an extremely loud roaring screech is heard, echoing the sound of the little one. Something else is aware of their presence and it doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Soon, they see what was making the noise and what must have drove the kobolds to make the warning sign in the hallway. Da Dragon has come! But… It’s on the god damned ceiling! And it’s actually just a giant gecko. Except, saying “actually just” to a lizard the size of a canal skip who is very unhappy with you may be a bit disingenuous. It skitters over to them, directly overhead and lobs a giant gob from its maw: a viscous glob of poisonous goop that sprays down and covers Igneel and Sieglinde in green glop. Igneel dodges out of the main blast but some splashes off the wall and onto his face. Sieglinde takes the full brunt of the stuff and even accidentally swallows some of it. They are both instantly feeling very sick and even start to look a little green.

Da dragon drops from the ceiling and engages them in a flurry of claws and teeth! Igneel panics and blasts its haunch with a Poison Spray, only to see it turn around and lick it off. Scott drives one of the little ones away but not before it bites him and poisons him also. After a few more rough rounds, they do some pretty good damage to it, and it runs away down the way it came.

Scott figures the small passage the water is coming from could lead to wherever the thing ran off to and decides to try swimming up it. After Sieglinde heals everyone, Scott dives in and attempts the feat. Unfortunately, he never really swam much in the depths of the Drow kingdom and his cloak keeps getting caught on some jagged rocks. This combines to him not really making any headway, so he gives up and joins the others.

The three find themselves at the foot of a twenty foot scree slope with the remaining young lizard cowering underneath it. They finish it off just before the giant one pokes it’s head over the cliff and blasts them again with a gob of poison goop! Sieglinde gets it straight in her eyes and Scott gets blasted as well. This pisses him off for real now so he draws down into an aiming stance with his crossbow as Igneel blasts it under the chin with a Firebolt. As it recovers, Scott lets fly with a bolt and goes through its eye and out the back of its brain pan. The head drops and it stops moving.

The party has solved Da Dragon Puzzle!

They take a breather and climb up onto the shelf with the now dead giant gecko. They see a nest in the corner made from old cloth, leather, and fur. Scattered all over the shelf are the bones of various creatures, ditritus from the lizard’s meals. Rummaging around in the nest, they find a large number of coins, gems and jewelry amongst the bones and they divide this up. Sieglinde finds a most unusual cloak. It’s a nice traveller’s cloak, but it has a couple dozen or so patches with images sewn onto it, such as a ladder, a window, a packhorse, a floor pit, etc. After fiddling around with it, she realizes that the patches become the things they represent if they are torn off! This Cloak of Useful Items should come in very handy, indeed!

As she’s looking this over, Scott finds two interesting flasks. One contains a pastel purple liquid and the other a swirling, pearlescent orange liquid. He tests out the purple liquid and figures out it’s Oil of Slipperiness. Testing out the other, he discovers it’s a Potion of Firebreath.

As this is going on, Igneel is busy skinning the beast and plans on using its hide to have a nice set of armor crafted for himself. Scott comes over and cuts the heart out of the lizard, holds it up, chugs the entire Potion of Firebreath and breaths it on the heart, searing it as if it were on a grill and then eating some of it. The others watch this in silence and share a glance at each other before going back to their tasks. Sieglinde thinks to take the poison glands from the neck before they leave.

They walk back out, climb up Scott’s grappling hook rope and find themselves back in the familiar corridors of the entrance to Stonehell, ready for whatever comes next!


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