The Map: Updated 31 May 2016

Being an Old Skool type game that emphasizes exploration for the purpose of safely extracting both loot and the actual characters, my players have decided to draw a map of their forays into Stonehell.  They are new to this and I have deliberately not given them any advice on how to go about it.  The results are fun to watch.

One thing they’ve taken to is drawing small sections with connecting symbols.  I imagine they are using scraps of parchment or hide and drawing what they can on them.  I’ve take a bit of time to overlay these sections on top of each other so it forms a more cohesive whole.

They’ve gotten some of the scales horribly off, but it’s got the overall shape of what they’ve explored pretty well.  A bit of time in the Keep straightening everything out will go a long way, if any of the characters think to take the time…   I’m not going to print this out for them, or anything, so if they want a better, connected version themselves, they’ll have to do a bit of work for it.

So, here it is, Stonehell Dungeon level one after two sessions:


Stonehell: Level one

UPDATE: 13 March 2016

I went ahead and drew out the areas they had explored on the correct scale.  The cobbled together map was basically unreadable and didn’t show any relationship between where they had been and empty space that may contain places they had not explored yet.  This may be a case of me playing their game for them, as the DM… But so what?  They didn’t seem to understand the utility of a coherent map as new players.  This will now set them on the right path.

Red stuff is what they had seen and what I drew to scale with the master map.  Anything in graphite is something they labeled or drew themselves.  This is the map as it stands after Sieglinde’s big scouting session:


UPDATE: 31 May 2016

Wow! They’ve explored a lot more of the level than last time.  Here’s the updated map.  There’s a bit where da dragon was that isn’t on there since it dropped down to a sublevel and didn’t fit on this map without interfering with it.  I’ll probably draw it in with ghost lines in a different color or something.



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