There’s Nothing to Do Here, Let’s Leave

And updated list of stuff going on in and around Stonehell:

  • Johan the gnome is reportedly missing coming back drunk from Kobold Korners one night.
  • There’s the whole Open Sore orcs vs Wolf Gang goblins thing.
  • Zorell Gnast is still looking for his sister, Esmalia. Rumor has it the wererats are on the third level “behind a boulder”
  • There’s all the other caves and stuff that Bodkin scouted by himself in the canyon.
  • Sieglinde found evidence that her mother has been to Stonehell, and she’s likely headed to the casino on level seven.
  • A man was seen sneakily sneaking into the wizard’s cellar up on the plateau.
  • Snorri is still studying dwarf stuff in the dungeon.
  • Sieglinde found a literal skeleton key.
  • Da dragon is dead and Trustee Sniv owes payment. But he might not be too happy about his guards dying while the party was side tracked.
  • What’s with the Sphinx in the pilgrim’s passage?
  • Tawaelle Mandora is buying spell components and alchemical supplies.
  • Exploration!!!

So, yeah, there’s a lot going on in there.  And there’s a lot more yet to be discovered!


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