Where Are We…?

The Keep and the nearby dungeon do not exist in a vacuum.  They sit at the iceways end (towards the ice wall rim, away from the sun or “fireways”) of Adrina Gulf where the River Avonmore widens into a delta swamp.  Antispinward, down the Gulf Highway, is the bustling city of New Thorn, once the seat of power of the Potentate who ruled over the land and whose paranoia gave birth to the prison known as Stonehell.



  • The highway from New Thorn to Stonehell is a smooth ride and relatively safe, travelling for a half day’s ride through the Royal Forest of Dashwood after leaving the farmlands surrounding the city.
  • Some ways spinward down the highway is the town of Cartina.  A small but lucrative port for those in the Free People’s Republic that know how to make a deal.
  • Beyond that are the twin mountain ranges known as Thangrok and Thererum, ancestral homes to ever hardy dwarves.
  • A dark forest is said to lie in the shadow of these mountains, ever hidden from the sun.
  • Travelling iceways up Avonmore will eventually lead to another port city known as Greatford.

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