Phil, the Dwarven Monk, Colins

Phil Colins is a dwarf monk whose monastic order studies the arts of war. Very unlike the martial brothers of his original clan, Phil’s studies have taught him to eschew physical barriers between himself and that with which he seeks deeper understanding.

In other words, he doesn’t let armor and weapons get in between him and the thing he’s trying to beat the shit out of.

Mostly -possibly entirely? it’s hard to tell- naked, he wraps himself in a combination of his beard and tattoos. Instead of the heavy metal weapons of the typical dwarf, he uses his hands, feet, and sometimes his head as brutal weapons against those he wishes to test his skill against. He’s also a fan of the javelin, no doubt seeing some sort of mystical symbolism in the primitive weapon.

Phil’s purpose for searching through the remains of Stonehell are his own, no doubt to be revealed in some apocalyptic battle, standing toe to toe with a might combatant.


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