Beg – Elf fighter (deceased)

Scott and Sieglinde found Beg fighting off some wolves in the gatehouse of the wall.  After helping him out, they decided to travel down into the dungeon with him. He seemed a reluctant adventurer during the outing. Perhaps he should have heeded his own misgivings…

After Scott left for the day, Beg, Sigelinde and Sinetel continued on.  During quite the scouting mission, Beg was feeling rather out of place.  When they got back to the Keep, he sat brooding on his cot, telling Sieglinde that he thinks he should just go back to the farm.

Unknown to anyone, he decided to prove to himself that he could be an adventurer, so he headed back down to the tunnels. As Sieglinde discovered later, he seems to have been waylaid by some orcs and was killed.

Something had stolen his likeness, however, and used his form to try to trick Sieglinde into walking into traps inside the dungeon.

His conveniently kept journal speaks of his wanting to prove himself.  Perhaps it, along with his other meager belongings, should be taken back to his family?


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