Free People’s Republic

The Free People’s Republic is a loosely affiliated territory spinward of River Avonmmore and the iceways tip of the Adrina Gulf.  It was formed during the Sterling Potentate’s rule as a bulwark against his human-centric racist policies.  The Republic’s only real boundaries are where it butts up against the Potentate’s old empire along the river and the gulf.  Further spinward, iceways, and fireside, the region has no real boundaries as no organized threats exist that would need them drawn.

Consisting mainly of halfling, gnomish, elvish, dwarven, and human settlements, there is no central government.  Every two spins of the Coin there is a general council that meets in a different settlement with representatives from anywhere that wishes to participate. It’s mainly used as a basic “checking in” sort of meeting and to discuss whether there needs to be any revisions to the neighborhood watch style milita that loosely patrols the major trade routes.

There is no formal army of the Republic.  The first and last time one was formed was against the Potentate’s forces  in a great battle known as The Siege of the Homeless.  It was a bloody and terrible affair with much magic of all kinds used freely on both sides.  The main battlefield is still a desolate, haunted slag beneath the iceways shadow of Thangrok.  Few dare travel there.  Few that do return.


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