How Do We Get There…?

Finding your way on the faces of the Coin is confusing for someone coming from an oblate spherical world, such as Earth.  But there are cardinal directions similar to those found on fatter planets. Continue reading


The Map: Updated 31 May 2016

Being an Old Skool type game that emphasizes exploration for the purpose of safely extracting both loot and the actual characters, my players have decided to draw a map of their forays into Stonehell.  They are new to this and I have deliberately not given them any advice on how to go about it.  The results are fun to watch.

One thing they’ve taken to is drawing small sections with connecting symbols.  I imagine they are using scraps of parchment or hide and drawing what they can on them.  I’ve take a bit of time to overlay these sections on top of each other so it forms a more cohesive whole. Continue reading

Changing Hurtful Stereotypes & Being Inclusive

After long thought, I have decided to make a small change to level 2A: The Asylum. The main reason is that I do not want to perpetuate the potentially harmful stereotypes that pervade popular media about mental illness.

The thought first crossed my mind when I watched Shut Up & Sit Down’s video review of T.I.M.E. Stories.  I, honestly, had never really thought about the stereotype before as being harmful to those that suffer from any sort of emotional or mental illness. In the interim, various people and things in my own life have lead me to researching this media trope. Continue reading

Environs of Stonehell & the Keep on the Borderlands

The Keep on the Borderlands was once the last bastion of the Potentate’s vast empire against the savage hinterlands. It was also the main supply depot and barracks for those whose fate it was to watch over the prison that was to become known as Stonehell. Now, it still serves as a token guard post for the kingdom that followed after the potentate’s rule. But its main service these days is as a base of operations for  the many adventurers that come in search of treasure and glory in the dungeon’s depths. Continue reading

Inventory Tracking? STOP Hammerspace!

Encumbrance. Inventory locations for individual items.
Fine ideas, but who can be bothered? That’s the sort of thing for simulations, not games about knocking orcs over the head and stealing their wine barrels.

Yet, in a tight environment like a megadungeon, filled with pit traps and such that can break your precious and hard won potions, it matters. Likewise, it matters whether or not you can actually haul that pile of treasure the Otyugh was ignoring out of this god forsaken place and back to civilization, or if your pockets get full and you have to leave it all behind!

So… We do need to track this stuff somehow, but it has to be easy and, if possible, fun as well.
I present to you: The Anti-Hammerspace Inventory Tracker Continue reading

Are we all on the same page about this game?

The first thing you have to know about this post is this: If you feel you don’t understand what I’m talking about or if you feel that this is way too much bullshit that has nothing to do with games…. STOP READING RIGHT NOW!

Because you’re right.
It really has nothing to do with sitting down and playing.

Except… It does. But…
Oh, it’s complicated.

If you don’t understand or don’t want to care, then that’s actually for the best. For the rest of you, read on. Continue reading