Giant Rats

Giant rats are just one of a variety of vermin that fill an ecological niche within dungeon complexes such as Stonehell. Living side by side with their smaller cousins, they may have evolved naturally to survive against competition with fierce predators, or they could have been deliberately or accidentally changed through magics. Whatever their origins, they’ve spread throughout the world and have established themselves firmly in the chain of life on the Coin.

Generally content to leave well enough alone, they will defend themselves, their nests and young, and their food fiercely if provoked. Sometimes they can be found in the service of other creatures, whether they have been tamed or not.



Coal is the name given to a large bear that resides in the canyon housing the entrance to Stonehell.  Adventurers say that he’ll grant good luck to those that leave him an offering.  Most people leave him food or sometimes ale they find in the dungeon.

There are no tales of him attacking anyone without provocation, but nobody has confirmed that he’s any sort of true guardian spirit either.



Kobolds are physically like a cross between lizards and small dogs.  In temperament, they have the tenacity of a pack of angry chihuahuas, the slipperiness of a snake, and the scheming, conniving treachery of a pack of rats.

But they’re easily cowed and so are useful to those that can command them, so long as that person understands that there is always a plot and scheme and trap waiting for them behind their back. Continue reading


Orcs are well known to all civilized creatures of The Coin of the World as ravaging, scavenging marauders one would do best to avoid.  There are, however, some holdouts and clans that are more sophisticated than others.  Some even have complex societies that approach the civility of other Free Peoples on the surface. One can never be quite sure which type one is encountering upon meeting a group of orcs, so caution is generally the best bet. Continue reading