Equipment: Cost and Size

Along with the new ways of tracking loot and inventory, here’s the list of equipment and how much it costs and how much space it takes up.

Not much else to say about it…

Link is to the PDF of the table: LINKAGE



Inventory Tracking? STOP Hammerspace!

Encumbrance. Inventory locations for individual items.
Fine ideas, but who can be bothered? That’s the sort of thing for simulations, not games about knocking orcs over the head and stealing their wine barrels.

Yet, in a tight environment like a megadungeon, filled with pit traps and such that can break your precious and hard won potions, it matters. Likewise, it matters whether or not you can actually haul that pile of treasure the Otyugh was ignoring out of this god forsaken place and back to civilization, or if your pockets get full and you have to leave it all behind!

So… We do need to track this stuff somehow, but it has to be easy and, if possible, fun as well.
I present to you: The Anti-Hammerspace Inventory Tracker Continue reading

Resource Tracking: Chain it Up!

Resource tracking is vital to the proper feel of a dungeon crawl.

You want the archer to feel the tension as each shot empties the quiver a bit more.
You need drama present when a character weighs out their water skin, wondering if they can make it another few hours till they find a clean source, or an exit.
And you definitely want the dark humor of watching a wizard scrabble around in her component pouch for one more pinch of rodent bone dust as the monster makes its way down the hallway!

But resource tracking is also a pain in the ass and feels like homework.
So, we’re going to implement a new way of doing things! Continue reading