A Moon by Any Other Name

The moons are called by many names among the denizens of The Coin, but few have devoted as much time to the study of these mysterious orbs as the druids of the Circle of the Moons.  The lore of the moons has been passed down and built upon for thousands of years since the days when the druids first separated themselves into separate Circles of knowledge.  Song and chant, poem and tome, all works of druidic scholarship of the moon domain seek to elucidate these luminous bodies and illuminate their effects upon The Coin. Continue reading



Bodkin sat in the crook of two branches that spread out from the ancient oak in a fractal pattern that bespoke the ancient and deep magic of this place.  This was his first High Council meeting, and he would have felt honored but for the fact that every druid he knew or had ever heard of had received a similar invitation from one of the numerous avian messengers sent out the Big Thinkers.  Bodkin thought of himself as a small fellow, and was, in fact, quite small in stature, standing but half the height of the numerous brown and green clad humans, with their flowing white beards and kind, knowing eyes. Continue reading

Some of that Old-Time Religion!

While the concept of all powerful monotheistic or pantheistic creator gods does exist on the Coin, most cultures do not worship them, and many doubt their existence altogether. The major religions tend to form around the domains of existence as portrayed by the aspects of the moons. Other worship is regarded as misguided at best and dangerously cultish at worst. Continue reading

Moons, Moons, Shining Bright…

One of the biggest mysteries of the Coin of the World is in plain sight almost every day. The moons remain ever enigmatic. Nobody is even sure how many there are. The two common theories are that there are either ten separate moons that make sporadic appearances… Or there is simply one that shows ten different faces and can be in different places in the sky at the same time. We can place our knowledge of the moons into three main categories: 1) Facts 2) Rumors 3) Speculation Continue reading

Rocky the Oracle

Rocky is an oracular construct on the first level of Stonehell.  He consists as a carved stone head with large rubies for eyes.  The head can swivel around on the pedestal it is placed on and the eyes can blink and his mouth can move.  Other than that, he shows no outward signs of emotion or movement, though his speech indicates he’s a pretty easy going sort of guy.  Bluish smoke continuously eminates from his mouth and is especially  thick when he speaks loudly or coughs, as he does often and is especially fumacious after having strained himself by answering questions. Continue reading