Beg – Elf fighter (deceased)

Scott and Sieglinde found Beg fighting off some wolves in the gatehouse of the wall.  After helping him out, they decided to travel down into the dungeon with him. He seemed a reluctant adventurer during the outing. Perhaps he should have heeded his own misgivings…

After Scott left for the day, Beg, Sigelinde and Sinetel continued on.  During quite the scouting mission, Beg was feeling rather out of place.  When they got back to the Keep, he sat brooding on his cot, telling Sieglinde that he thinks he should just go back to the farm.

Unknown to anyone, he decided to prove to himself that he could be an adventurer, so he headed back down to the tunnels. As Sieglinde discovered later, he seems to have been waylaid by some orcs and was killed.

Something had stolen his likeness, however, and used his form to try to trick Sieglinde into walking into traps inside the dungeon.

His conveniently kept journal speaks of his wanting to prove himself.  Perhaps it, along with his other meager belongings, should be taken back to his family?



While exploring, Sieglinde scared a pack of giant rats away from a trash heap straight into a pack of Open Sore orcs that were guarding their newly acquired territory.  One of the rats was different, though.  Upon investigating, she found that it was tame and had a collar with a brass tag that reads “Precious”.

Precious started following Sieglinde around and eventually she followed her all the way back to the keep.  She seems intent on lying around on the bunk all day.


Coal is the name given to a large bear that resides in the canyon housing the entrance to Stonehell.  Adventurers say that he’ll grant good luck to those that leave him an offering.  Most people leave him food or sometimes ale they find in the dungeon.

There are no tales of him attacking anyone without provocation, but nobody has confirmed that he’s any sort of true guardian spirit either.


Snorri Broadshoulders

Snorri Broadshoulders the mountain dwarf, is an explorer and scholar, ranging the Coin in search of relics of both his and other clans. Whether he has a purpose to cataloging these artifacts or simply uses them as an excuse to go exploring, he hasn’t told the adventurers.

He has a long beard and mustache and wears an explorer’s slouch hat and monocle.


He has asked Sieglinde and the companions she was with to take charcoal rubbings of any dwarven carvings they find in the depths of the prison. He’s willing to offer them 100 gold per intact and fully covered parchment. He’s likely to keep his camp in the same spot on the first level unless the Open Sore orc clan decides they’d rather have his room than his protection money to stay there.

Trustee Sniv

In a couple of encounters with kobolds on the first level of Stonehell, the adventurers have heard the name of Trustee Sniv.   It seems clear that the creatures take their orders from whoever, or WHATever, it is.

So far, the party has not discovered the true nature of this entity nor how it may factor into the politics of the dungeon…


The adventurers have made their way to Sniv and found him to be a fat, scheming Kobold who has found a particular niche for his tribe within the ever changing power structures of the dungeon.

He has his people do odd jobs for the various factions within Stonehell for nominal fees.  In this way, he has slowly become invaluable to all parties.  What his ultimate goal is remains to be seen. Perhaps it’s simply to live the fullest life a Kobold could hope for?

Note on categories for the blog: Sniv is essentially his own faction, thus is in both factions and NPCs

Rocky the Oracle

Rocky is an oracular construct on the first level of Stonehell.  He consists as a carved stone head with large rubies for eyes.  The head can swivel around on the pedestal it is placed on and the eyes can blink and his mouth can move.  Other than that, he shows no outward signs of emotion or movement, though his speech indicates he’s a pretty easy going sort of guy.  Bluish smoke continuously eminates from his mouth and is especially  thick when he speaks loudly or coughs, as he does often and is especially fumacious after having strained himself by answering questions. Continue reading