Bractoon – Human Warlock

Bractoon, member of the Cartographer’s Guild, on a mission to chart the known world. What secrets did he find in his travels that could bestow such powers as he has at his fingertips?

Could he be orienteering across the Coin in order to seek more power? Could he be hoping to become a mere man again? You could ask him, if you could stand to look into his eyes long enough.


Gargamel – Dwarf Wizard

Gargamel is one of the more odd additions to the Keep’s growing roster of adventurers. He’s a mountain dwarf that has learned the ways of magic, usually a shunned practice by his kind. Supposedly he learned it while traveling with a troupe where he also learned to play the lute. Continue reading

Phil, the Dwarven Monk, Colins

Phil Colins is a dwarf monk whose monastic order studies the arts of war. Very unlike the martial brothers of his original clan, Phil’s studies have taught him to eschew physical barriers between himself and that with which he seeks deeper understanding.

In other words, he doesn’t let armor and weapons get in between him and the thing he’s trying to beat the shit out of. Continue reading

Memories and Mead

Over the week since the last expedition into the main body of the old prison, there has been a lot of commotion in the Keep on the Borderlands. A few adventurers have arrived from various realms around the Coin, including Bractoon, a mysterious human warlock with an air of darkness about him. He ostensibly says he’s here to map the fringes of the Kingdom. He is a member of the enigmatic Guild of Cartographers, an organization that has accumulated secrets about the Coin from the Great Ice Wall of the rim to the lava fields surrounding the Sun’s Retreat. As Bodkin enters the keep’s refectory after a day of scouting the countryside, looking rather lost in his thoughts, Bractoon walks quickly and purposefully up behind him, reaching into his cloak… Continue reading