Sieglinde – Half Elf Cleric

Sieglinde, a half elf cleric of the Life Domain, has come to Stonehell seeking her mother. Having learned much about adventuring from her and much of the way of the cloth from her father, she has set out on her own to reunite their family. Continue reading


Phil, the Dwarven Monk, Colins

Phil Colins is a dwarf monk whose monastic order studies the arts of war. Very unlike the martial brothers of his original clan, Phil’s studies have taught him to eschew physical barriers between himself and that with which he seeks deeper understanding.

In other words, he doesn’t let armor and weapons get in between him and the thing he’s trying to beat the shit out of. Continue reading

There’s More to Life Than This

I was thinking about the level progression in the game so far, and it struck me that it’s been sort of slowish.  But I didn’t want to simply throw more fights at everyone and turn it into a straight up hack and slash.  That’s just not the flavor we’ve been fermenting and it’s not anything I want to steer towards.  I want this game to be about more than fighting constantly. So I thought I’d settle in and figure out some guidelines for non-combat XP rewards.  This is what I came up with. Continue reading

Where Are We…?

The Keep and the nearby dungeon do not exist in a vacuum.  They sit at the iceways end (towards the ice wall rim, away from the sun or “fireways”) of Adrina Gulf where the River Avonmore widens into a delta swamp.  Antispinward, down the Gulf Highway, is the bustling city of New Thorn, once the seat of power of the Potentate who ruled over the land and whose paranoia gave birth to the prison known as Stonehell. Continue reading