Thank you for your interest in the game and taking the time to learn more about it! This page will provide you with all the information needed to make your decision to play. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via the link below.

The Basics

image• Using the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules, players venture into the MEGADUNGEON or the surrounding HEXCRAWL region, find or are found by adventure, and return home.
•  Players can join sessions as they’re available, on an at-will basis. The first six players to sign up for that week form the party.
• New characters start at level 1. Characters keep whatever gold and XP they earn from session to session, and characters may group with other characters of any level.
• Every session starts & ends in the Keep. If characters have not returned home by the end of the session, they risk injury or worse on a random table.
• The world persists beyond each session. The actions of one party affect the world for everyone.

Where We Play

Sessions are currently held at Gamehaus Cafe, a space specifically designed for playing board, card, and other table top games in a social setting. The address is 1800 S Brand Blvd #107, Glendale, CA 91204.

Gamehaus charges a nominal cover for anyone playing any games there. Tuesday through Thursday before four PM it’s only $3 to play all day. All other times, the cover is $5. We will generally aim to start playing during the cheaper times.

More information about Gamehaus can be found on their website: Gamehaus Cafe

Scheduling Information

Currently, games take place Tuesdays at 3 PM with the occasional Wednesday afternoon game as well. A typical session will run for around five hours, so please plan accordingly. There could be other day and time options that pop up occasionally.

Scheduling is currently handled through an online service called Doodle. I create events for days I can run the game and set the number of participants at six for each. I’ll send out an email with a link to these events to everyone on the mailing list. I will try to provide dates for the following month so everyone can plan in advance.

When you get the email, look through the dates and figure out which ones work for you, then click the link. When Doodle loads, enter your name and vote that you can participate in the session for that date. Please use the name you provided in your sign up email (below).  You do not need to vote that you are NOT attending, though it does help me know that you are getting the emails.

When six people have voted to attend, no more votes can be cast and those six will be the party for that session. If you would like to be considered as an alternate, in case anyone has to cancel, please use the message feature of Doodle to let me know as well as texting me (we’ll exchange numbers later). If you do need to cancel after having voted, please let me know ASAP so I can delete your vote and try to contact anyone that has said they can be an alternate.

I will run a session if at least two people have signed up as late as 24 hours before it is supposed to start.  If I do not have at least two people signed up by then, I will cancel for that date and let whoever did sign up know about it.

Code of Conduct

There is an explicit code of conduct for our sessions. It’s pretty common sense, but I like to write it out so everyone knows we’re on the same page. You will need to read this before signing up.

The basic theme of the game is one of cooperation. When you guys get a party together to go adventuring, it is assumed that you are all cooperating to tell a good story. There is no “winning” in this game and the relationship between the Dungeon Master (DM, which is me) is not an adversarial one. I am not trying to “beat” you or hinder you, I simply aim to present interesting situations for you to attempt to deal with by using your characters’ unique talents to form a synergistic team. We are here to tell a good story together. We play to see what happens.

Conflict within a party, between player characters, is not discouraged. It may come about via disputes about world view of the characters or how to deal with various situations. Mature role playing in this way is encouraged, so long as it remains mature and helps to tell an interesting story. Characters that are played in an excessively disruptive manner, even if they are “in character” will be punished in the fiction, simply because those types of characters are, by definition, incapable of interacting well with other people in the world. If it remains a problem, I will speak to the player privately about the behavior.

Conflict simply for the sake of conflict, in character behavior that consistently interferes with other players’ enjoyment of the game, or out of character behavior that consistently interferes with the actual running and enjoyment of the game in the real world will not be tolerated.

As well, I aim to run an “open table” both in terms of scheduling but also in acceptance and comfort. To that end, there are some things that are unequivocally off the table: overtly sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and racist language, jokes about rape or other abusive trauma, personal attacks that aren’t covered here but are targeted at another player in a hurtful way. When dealing with an improvisational fiction there will be grey areas surrounding these subjects. Please use common sense and empathy for those you are playing with.

If you feel that the tone of the game is one you do not enjoy, or if the tone you are attempting to play at does not jibe with the tone of the table, we can discuss it outside of a session. My goal is to have everyone having fun.

None of this is to say this is a “serious game”.
There will be plenty of dick and fart jokes and the general feeling at the table should be one of camaraderie and lighthearted fun.

This is all a way to say, play together and play nice.

Learning the Game

If you’ve never played a role playing game before, or if you’ve never played with these rules, don’t worry! You really can’t play it “wrong” or “badly”.

The character sheets and the giant rule books can be very intimidating. But you really only have to understand a few basic rules to start out, and the rest will come as you gain more experience.

The basic rule for all RPGs is to simply describe what you want your character to do in a narrative way, without worrying too much about what the “rules say you can do”. Imagine what you would want your character to do in that situation as if you were really there (you don’t have to talk in character!) and simply describe it, then we will apply the rules onto that action. As this continues, you will eventually learn how to play. It’s pretty much that easy!

Making Your Character

Character creation takes about an hour, if you’ve never done it before. I will schedule a special session for character creation when we have enough people interested in the game. Alternately, I can schedule individual sessions for character creation or we can plan time before a regularly scheduled play session.

There will be NO time for character creation during scheduled play time. That is not fair to the other players who have already made their character.

I can provide pre made characters if you choose, but a large part of learning the game comes through character creation and the feeling of having your own individuality within the game is much stronger with a custom made character.

Before we get together to make yours, take a bit of time and think of what sort of character you’d like to play. Think of archetypes from movies or books. A rough sketch is really all you need. I’ll help find the right fit for your idea from the available options.

If you are familiar with the game and want to make your own character, that’s great! However, there are a few house rules for this game that are very different than what is written in the books! Namely, the rules for encumberance and carried items and the rules for coins and other wealth. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND AND ADHERE TO THESE RULES if you make your own character. Please read the following articles about these custom rules.

Assets Wheel replaces individual gold pieces.

Abstract expendables tracking

Inventory tracking sheet

I will provide copies of the custom inventory and assets trackers for you if you make your own character, or you can print the PDF from the link above and fill it out yourself.

What You Need to Bring

A sense of adventure!
Seriously, though, nothing. I’ll provide everything needed to play. You just need to show up and pay the cover. I will also have a file to store your character sheet and any handouts you acquire during play.

There are a few things you could bring. NONE OF THIS IS REQUIRED.

• A copy of the D&D Player’s Handbook. Another copy of the rules at the table is never a bad thing.
• Dice. I will have plenty of dice, but there’s something special about having your own set.
• A miniature that represents your character. This game will use maps and miniatures or counters to represent rough positioning during combats and other scenarios. I will have plenty of things for you to use, but, as with dice, it’s pretty rad when you have your own special miniature that represents your character. This could lead to a whole hobby in and of itself, if you like painting them.

I recommend you visit one of these amazing local game stores to get all of these supplies and more:

Game Empire Pasadena

Next Gen Games

Sign Up to Play!

If you’ve read this far and are interested in playing with us, please contact me via this form. The only requirements are that you have read the Code of Conduct on this page and are 18 years or older.

Let me know you’re interested in playing and maybe tell me a bit about yourself and/or your gaming history. This will send me an email and I will get back with you ASAP.


Thank you for your interest but I am moving away from Los Angeles and the game as stated here is done

The Story & Your Place in it

The game is one of characters exploring the giant, underground complex known as Stonehell Dungeon as well as occasional forays into the local regions around it in a fantastical world. The characters are not necessarily the epic heroes of fiction, destined to Save the World from the Big Bad Guy like The Fellowship in The Lord of the Rings. They’re just people that happen to have extraordinary abilities trying to make their way in this world. Their reasons for adventuring in this place at this time are up to you.

There are overarching stories to be found within and around Stonehell, but they are not necessarily the main focus of the game. In fact, they may never even be found or, if they are, cared about by any of the players! If that’s the case, that’s fine. There are plenty of other reasons to explore.


Stonehell Level 1

In fact, exploration is a key component of this style of game. Experience points needed to level up your character are tied to making new discoveries within the world. The conceit of having everyone return to a common home base is that they are assumed to share all of this information with everyone else between sessions. Bragging rights for discoveries are their own reward and can provide players with a powerful reason to throw themselves into danger.


As well as making new marks on the map and discovering new wonders and weirdness, there are treasures to find out in the world and under it! These treasures are there for the first to find them, and you may hear of other adventuring parties having come across a glorious cache, one that could have been yours if you’d only gone out with them. That’s ok, though, because you can go out next time and try to find something even better!

Not interested in exploring or amassing treasures? Perhaps you want to get involved in the myriad social, political, and economic intricacies of the multiple factions that exist in the world. Maybe you can pick a side in the war against the Wolf Gang goblins and the Open Sore clan orcs, or maybe you want to pit them off each other and swoop in to take the spoils when they destroy themselves. Perhaps you can work for Trustee Sniv, the Kobold Kingpin, brokering trade deals between him and other factions in the deeper regions of the dungeon, or simply acting as his hired muscle against those that would usurp his power. Maybe you have plans on deposing him yourself and running things your way?

Some adventurers have their own agendas that have led them to Stonehell that are of a much more personal kind. Sieglinde, for example, is on a personal quest to find her missing mother. Clues have lead her to the dungeon, and she has found evidence that her mother was here! The cleric will not rest until she finds what fate has befallen her mother.  Bodkin is here searching for clues as to whether the prophesies of a Conjunction of the Moons will occur and if so, what this may mean.  He reports his findings back to the conclave of Druids so they may decide what should be done about this.  And Phil, the dwarven monk, is pretty much just looking to kick ass whenever he gets the chance.

As mentioned before, there are larger powers at work with their own agendas within and around Stonehell. Perhaps your actions could have a much larger impact on the world than you currently understand…

For a complete record of what adventures have been had before, please read through the session reports!

Together we can make this a living world.

It’s time to sign up…


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