First Escape Attempts & Mulligans

The players controlling both Foxfire the rogue and Gargamel the wizard were not able to make it to our second session, so we had to roll on the Escaping the Dungeon chart. This would be the first test of the system. They had a fairly accurate map and weren’t too far away from the entrance to the complex, so I gave them a 75% chance of escaping without having to roll on the Failed Escapes table. Aaaaaand… They both failed. Continue reading


Delve One Part 4: Dead Ends & Descents

The party reaches the end of the long passageway as it enters into a chamber that’s seen much better days. The carvings that have adorned the walls of other chambers are evident here, but most of them have cracked and fallen from the walls and ceiling forming a large pile of hazardous rubble on the floor. Crawling around the rubble are a few giant centipedes, clacking their mandibles and looking generally menacing. Continue reading

Delve One Part 3: Frienemies

Back in the passageway, with the door closed again, they decide how to proceed. Looking up the way, they see a “T” section and take the left passage. Ahead, they see some lights coming from a room with some shadows moving around, but they’re too far away to see what it is. As they get closer, they can see some kobolds moving around in the room and the sounds of work can be heard. The room is covered in large carvings of stone faces with oversized, gaping mouths. A group of about four of the kobolds are clustered around an upturned stone tile in the middle of the room while another five or six are making rough patches in cracks in wall carvings. None of them have seen any of the party yet, being intent on their duties. Sieglinde, hearing the rough Draconic of their yapping speech decides to simply approach and greet them. Continue reading

Delve One Part 2: Answer Me This, Bub.

At the bottom of the entrance staircase, Milo realizes that he can’t actually see anything down here, so he casts Light on his flute, causing it to glow a nice bright yellow, not unlike a torch. Looking around the foyer, they see the leavings of countless others that have passed this way, old spent torches, ripped sacks and backpacks, detritus of old meals… General litter and garbage, piled into the corners of the room. Gargamel takes some parchment from his pack and starts to make a crude map while Milo thinks it’s probably a good idea for him to do the same. It would be a shame if Gargamel fell down an endless pit or was burnt to a crisp or something, as he would be holding the only map out of this place. Continue reading

Delve One, Part 1: Playing in the Yard

Around the refectory of the old keep, a group of adventurers gathers, sharing their reasons for heading out to the borderlands, and to delve into Stonehell in particular. It seems that they are sizing each other up, seeking worthy companions to brave the depths with. A stone-dwarf wizard who calls himself Gargamel (Nolan) is strumming his harp by the warmth of the hearth. With one ear, he’s paying attention to the music played by the halfling bard, Milo (Jordan), and trying to match his notes. Keeping another ear on the group gathered around the table, he hears their tales while keeping his own proverbial cards close to his chest. Continue reading