The Keep on the Borderlands

The Keep – it has no other name left to memory – is an ostensible garrison of the remnants of the city state once ruled by the Sterling Potentate. It lies at the head of the delta swamp where the River Avonmore flows into the Adrina gulf.

The token guard that keeps watch here does so mainly because the money and orders to keep them remain on the books, though the original purpose is long gone and nobody truly cares anymore. But there’s money to be made by catering to the many adventurers that visit Stonehell as well as caravans and travelers that pass along the roads heading around the gulf and up the river, rimwards.

imageDespite the many dangers that lie underground in Stonehell and the various things that can be encountered in the wilderness around the Keep, the main body of the building itself is surprisingly safe. With a large contingent of adventurers and bodyguards for traveling merchants, it would take a rather sizable force to present any real threat to anyone staying inside its walls.

In game terms, The Keep is a permanent safe place where nothing will ever happen. This is a key element of this game, as explained when talking about the original new school open table, West Marches.

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