Siegliend’s Vision

This vision takes place after the most recent game.  As of this writing, I haven’t actually written the sessions for those games. I just wanted to get this out ther ASAP because it matters to the character, the player, and the world.  And it seemed awesome.

As Sieglinde lays down to sleep after her most recent adventure, having helped push back the bone slime into the gap opened to the Aspect of the Moon of Death, Lythronax, by Malfrecues Nul, she is troubled in her thoughts. She knows that she must, by the decree of her stewardship to the moon Maya – counter and couple to Lythronax that completes the twin, Circumago – help all those that she can lead the best lives they may. Yet… She is driven by her own desire to find her mother.

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Free People’s Republic

The Free People’s Republic is a loosely affiliated territory spinward of River Avonmmore and the iceways tip of the Adrina Gulf.  It was formed during the Sterling Potentate’s rule as a bulwark against his human-centric racist policies.  The Republic’s only real boundaries are where it butts up against the Potentate’s old empire along the river and the gulf.  Further spinward, iceways, and fireside, the region has no real boundaries as no organized threats exist that would need them drawn. Continue reading

Beg – Elf fighter (deceased)

Scott and Sieglinde found Beg fighting off some wolves in the gatehouse of the wall.  After helping him out, they decided to travel down into the dungeon with him. He seemed a reluctant adventurer during the outing. Perhaps he should have heeded his own misgivings…

After Scott left for the day, Beg, Sigelinde and Sinetel continued on.  During quite the scouting mission, Beg was feeling rather out of place.  When they got back to the Keep, he sat brooding on his cot, telling Sieglinde that he thinks he should just go back to the farm.

Unknown to anyone, he decided to prove to himself that he could be an adventurer, so he headed back down to the tunnels. As Sieglinde discovered later, he seems to have been waylaid by some orcs and was killed.

Something had stolen his likeness, however, and used his form to try to trick Sieglinde into walking into traps inside the dungeon.

His conveniently kept journal speaks of his wanting to prove himself.  Perhaps it, along with his other meager belongings, should be taken back to his family?

Bractoon – Human Warlock

Bractoon, member of the Cartographer’s Guild, on a mission to chart the known world. What secrets did he find in his travels that could bestow such powers as he has at his fingertips?

Could he be orienteering across the Coin in order to seek more power? Could he be hoping to become a mere man again? You could ask him, if you could stand to look into his eyes long enough.